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Accredited Staging Professional training with provides you with more than just the highest quality Home Staging Training available. Here are all of the great educational tools and support services you receive when you take the ASP 3 Day Home Staging Course:

1 The ASP® Course was the first Home Staging Training course in the world and it's still the most innovative and the best!

2 The ASP® Course is the most comprehensive Home Staging training course offered anywhere.

3 The ASP® Course teaches ALL the important aspects of starting, running and building a Staging business so you can be successful as quickly as possible.

4 Learn from Barb Schwarz experiences as she is The Creator of Home Staging® and has developed the ASP® program to help you build on her successes.

5 All ASP® Course trainers are handpicked by Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging®, and go through a very comprehensive training program so that they teach the ASP® Course in the same format and style as Barb Schwarz teaches it in.

6 The ASP® Stager Designation is the most widely respected, well known and internationally recognized Home Staging Designation in both the Real Estate and Home Staging industries.

7 You can retake the ASP® Course as many times as you like for a nominal fee. There is so much information to learn and new ideas and materials added all the time, so it's nice to have the ability to take a refresher course. You have heard the saying, "Repetition is the Mother of Learning" and when it comes to the ASP® Course this is very true indeed.

8 You receive hands-on experience Staging a home during the ASP® Course. This is a very educational and empowering learning experience and opportunity, as well as fun!

9 You receive a comprehensive, detailed, 150+ page ASP® Stager Training Manual.

10 You will be given two ASP® Marketing CDs loaded with hundreds of proven business-building ideas that I have personally prepared and recorded for your continued learning after you graduate. They are long and intensive and you will want to listen to them over and over again.

11 You will be able to see just how many people are viewing your ASP Profile on

12 You will automaticly receive, as an ASP, a 10% Discount on the

13 You will receive the printable ASP® Stager CAREERBook® CD. The CAREERBook® allows you to show off your ASP® Staging work to all people you meet. This is the portfolio that will help you daily as you market your ASP® Business.

14 You will receive the Licensing of the Stage® Trademark.

15 You will receive access to numerous ASP® Marketing Materials.

16 By completing the ASP® Course you are Certified as an ASP®, Designated as an ASP® and Accredited as an ASP®. You receive all 3.

17 You receive an ASP® Membership ID card, identifying you as an ASP®.

18 You will receive an ASP® Certificate of Achievement upon your graduation.

19 You may post your Staged Houses on the website for FREE so that your potential Staging clients and buyers can view the homes that you have ASP® Staged.

20 You will be able to track the number of viewings of your ASP® Staged Homes through statistical data in your own area of The Staging University®

21 Your profile will be listed in the ASP® Directory, giving you powerful online marketing exposure to potential clients each month from the millions who visit the site each month.

22 With access to your profile in the directory, unlike an online ad, you can make changes to your wording and photos as many times as you'd like.

23 You will also have your own ASP® Feature Page: a powerful full-page informational listing at This is really a mini website about you inside of the number one ranked Staging Directory in the world on

24 It's easy to move your business with you - if you do, simply change your cities and zip codes on your edit page in The Staging University® and you will be found in your new marketplace.

25 As an ASP® you will have unlimited access to the one and only online Staging University® in the world. The Staging University® contains hundreds of pages of marketing materials, business templates, tutorials, forms, legal documents, logos, banners, before and after photos and volumes of other support materials for your Staging business.

26 You receive exclusive Programs, Discounts and Offers available only to ASPs and your clients via the vendor network*.

27 Save 5% to 50% with ASP Vendor companies such as Sherwin Williams Paints®, PODS®, Sears®, 1-800-Got-Junk®, William Sonoma®, Pottery Barn® and many more.

28 You receive yearly membership in The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® (IAHSP®) every year you stay renewed in good standing as an ASP®. IAHSP® is the most established, experienced, and professional Staging Association in the world and is based in the history of Barb Schwarz' experience in building the Staging Industry.

29 IAHSP® has chapters all over North America you can join for on-going networking, sharing of ideas, leads and educational meetings.

30 You have the opportunity to attend the annual International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP®) Symposium/Convention to train and network with other ASPs® and vendors from all across North America and other countries as well.

31 Access to the blog - a great resource for Staging ideas, ongoing education, updates from and IAHSP® and inspirational, motivation information as well.



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