Katy Fineman Jones
Columbus, OH, 43215, USA
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Home Staging, Home Organization and Voice Mail Recording (in her strongest British accent).


First appointment
On our first appointment we will ask that you take us on a tour of your home. We will then get to know each other as we talk about what we at My English Touch, Ltd believe Staging truly is and how it can help you move on to your next place. We will explain our services and see what can be done to best suite your home selling needs.
Hands-on Staging
We specialize in hands on Staging for our clients. We like to know that once we walk out of the house everything has been completed and the house is photo and market ready. Our team commit to completing your staging in just 5 hours. This includes furniture placement, Art accents and Accessories strategically placed to make your house look the best it possibly can for its time on the market.
When Staging in your occupied house we will be using everything you have to add the 'Wow factor' and appeal to a wider audience rather than having to wait for a taste specific buyer. As you see we also Stage® vacant houses and therefore we can rent items where needed to really impress your visiting buyers. We want to allow buyers to mentally move in to every room as they explore their next home.
Vacant homes don't usually make it!.... to the top of the buyers list that is. there are a few reasons for this. Vacant houses have no soul and feel cold, there is nothing to provide a visual scale to size and visually place furniture, they don’t feel welcoming, you are looking at any flaws and no wow factor is there to capture the buyers attention. Many buyers find it difficult to imagine their things in an empty house when there are no furnishings in it. My English Touch can help overcome all of these objections through Staging. Buyers only know what they see and not what it's going to be!

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