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BEFORE: We can't sell it if we can't see it! This was an amazing transformation, and although sometimes shrubs and trees can be used for privacy, this house needed to be seen. The sellers were ecstatic about the new look.

AFTER: VOILA!! How is this for curb appeal? Imagine this as your new home!!

BEFORE: Rooms should be shown for what they are meant for. This bedroom/workout room doesn't work when you are trying to sell. It makes it appear like there is no other room in the house for exercise equipment.

AFTER: AH! The serenity of a place for rest. Window treatments have been removed, well placed seating area showing rooms with added comfort, lighting and accessory enhancement make this room and easy sell for any buyers eye.

Michael Taylor - ASP and owner of Michael Taylor Interiors, Memphis' Premiere Home Staging and Home Redesign Resource.

Turning Your Home into the Buyers Home
What attracts you to certain products you see? It's the way they are marketed. A house for sale becomes a product on the market, a commodity that has to be different from all the others on the market. Your home has to be presented in the same way. YOUR home is your haven of personal taste and comfort. A house for sale has to appeal to the masses. A pontential buyer has to see themselves living there, not you. Michael can help you in scaling down interiors if you have too much or adding something to draw a buyers eye to emphasize a special feature in the home. Remember, the way you live in your home and the way we sell your house are two different things, Lets turn "lived in" into "longed for."
"The most important thing you can do when selling a home is to have it completely ready before it goes on the market. Most realtors say you have about 20 seconds to make a first impression, and in most cases that’s the only impression you get to make."
Michael Taylor

For Homeowners....For Realtors......

  • Would you like to be able to enhance the value of your house and reduce the amount of time it spends on the market?
  • Could the home be lacking curb appeal?
  • Do you wish there was a faster, easier and much more affordable way to increase the appeal and value of your home without the major expense of remodeling or renovating?
  • Are you having trouble seeing your own home through the eyes of a buyer?
  • Would you like to get the edge over others in this home sellers/buyers competitive market?
    If you answered yes to any of these questions, We can help!

What does this mean for you?
  • Faster sale!
  • More profit for all parties!
  • Less Hassell!
  • More free time!
  • Great listing tool and marketing advantage!
  • Less Advertising cost!
  • More Referrals!
  • Less Stress on realtor/client relationship.
    now isn't that what it's all about?

    What you get in your Staging® services:
    We can do a complete in home consultation and evaluation of your home/listing from the curb to the compactor. Or if you prefer we can evaluate room by room, inside or out. This includes a customized enhancement recommendation that you can implement yourself. We offer suggestions on how to better prepare your home with advice and quick tips to a better showing and a faster sell! Including a checklist to be used just prior to a showing or open house.
    This can be a "do it yourself" project for you and your family or If this all seems too overwhelming my team can do it for you. We try and do all of this at a minimal cost to you by using what you already have in your home by rearranging certain items to enhance it's appeal.

    What else can I do for you?
    Michael Taylor Interiors offers other services besides home Staging®. Most of our clients are repeat clients, meaning not only can we help you prepare your home for sale, we can prepare your new home for living. Our service offers a vast listing of other team members that have helped us along the way and can help you as well. The team consists of electricians, plumbers, general contractors, painters, faux finishers, landscapers, air/heat services to name a few.
    We offer:

    • One Day Makeovers- Does the thought of traditional interior design make your pocket book tremble? We offer room makeovers or whole house makeovers simply by using “your stuff and our skills.” If additional "stuff" is needed we can help out there as well.
    • Paint Consulting - Can’t decide what color to paint the dining room, and if you do will it clash with the kitchen? He likes this color, you like that color? I can help, I am a certified paint specifier, a fancy phrase for, I can help you pick your colors without a major fight! Deciding what colors to paint can be overwhelming, I look at your existing furnishings, accessories, textures and decide what would be the best choice for each space.
    • House to Home service- Moving can be very stressful. With minimal help from you, we can turn stacks of boxes into a live in ready home. From arranging the cupboards to hanging your artwork.
    • Shop Til You Drop- Some folks just love to shop to put their home together. On the other hand, some have no idea how to do this. We can spend the day finding some of the best deals on some awesome accessories or I can do this for you.
    • Makeover Parties- Invite your friends over in the morning for coffee to see the room “as is” for the last time. Invite them over later that afternoon for cocktails and the “new look.”
    Realtors: why not purchase a consultation for your seller? it will be the best marketing money you spend!
    If you are Staging® your home. It's safe to say that it will cost quite a bit less than your first price reduction. Consultations for "DIY" are $200.00 for two hours and can vary by the size of the home. Written evaluation is included. Fees vary per what homeowner wishes to have done or what fits into your budget. Please fee free to contact us personally to discuss consultation fees or other fees pertaining to items listed under "what else I can do for you."

    For more info visit my website at www.MichaelTaylorInteriors.com


Michael Taylor
Phone: 901.272.0264
Email: Click Here To Send Email
Website: http://www.MichaelTaylorInteriors.com
Located In: Memphis, TN, 38104, United States
Services Available: Serving Memphis and the entire Midsouth Area to include: West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, Northern Mississippi and the surrounding communities.

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