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A nicely staged bedroom makes a peaceful guest retreat.

Rooms not needed for daily living sometimes are overtaken by the owner's "stuff".

After removing unneeded items and storing other items appropriately, there is room to place furniture and turn this into an attractive and usable space!

This dining room is ready to welcome family and friends.

Connie Lawson - ASP, IAHSP

A Little More Information About Me and My Company:
Currently, I am living in my fifth house (as an adult). Having gone through the sellling process four times, I understand how very important home staging is as a marketing tool. I know from experience that the time your house is on the market is both challenging and exciting as you continue living your life in the midst of packing and showings! Our company wants to make that time go as fast and smoothly as possible. My business partner, Deb, and I are Piedmont Triad natives. Between us, we have coordinated 7 household moves, 2 total kitchen renovations, 3 bathroom renovations and clearing out a family home when the nest became empty. We “know the drill” and we know we can make this process easier and more successful for you! Our company, A Hand in Time, strives to be just that – a hand in YOUR time of need. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal, be it the sale of your home or the creation of a more organized and peaceful environment.

You’re on Stagedhomes.com for a Reason
If you are visiting stagedhomes.com to find someone to stage your home or to learn more about staging, then you already realize this is an important step to take. It’s all about putting your house – probably your most valuable asset – in a position to attract the greatest amount of attention from potential buyers. I want every buyer who walks through your house to mentally place their furniture along the way and be excited about it! The result will be a property that sells faster and for the most money possible. Wouldn’t a bidding war that drives UP the price of your house be fabulous?! Every home, small and large, is worthy of staging. Staging is not a judgment about your decorating style or ability. It’s about highlighting all the great features of this valuable asset, inside and out. When you apply for a job, you want the employer to know your strengths and see your value to the company. That’s what we do in staging, we show potential buyers the strengths of the property so that they can see themselves living there happily…and soon!

A Hand in Time, LLC Services:
Staging: we meet with the homeowners, complete a walk-through of the home and property and then present them with a written bid. If accepted, we set a time to complete the staging work. Staging Consultations: this service is for the homeowners who want to do the staging work themselves, but would like a plan to follow. We will complete a walk-through of the home, create a written staging plan and then present that to the homeowners. We would set a time to check in to make sure all the work is being done. Some folks need a little project accountability. Homeowners are free to contact us at any time in the process if they wish for us to be more actively involved. Organizing: this service is for anyone who knows what needs to get done, but may be overwhelmed with the busyness of life or be physically unable. The homeowner may be preparing to list the house for sale OR may be working to reduce the amount of personal belongings. We will complete a walk-through of the property and discuss the homeowner’s goals. We then create an organizing plan to meet those goals and decide how to best implement the plan (who is going to do the work). How much or how little we do is up to you!

Why Call A Hand in Time?
Staging and organizing is what we do every day. We enjoy it! We like helping people reach their goals of selling their houses or creating more peaceful living environments. We invested in the ASP® training through stagedhomes.com because we believe in being the best at what we do. We support and follow professional standards and the IASHP® Code of Ethics because our clients deserve it. It is a privilege to be asked into someone’s home and we honor that. We respect our clients’ privacy and work to make sure we deliver the best in customer service. We do not charge for a telephone call or the initial visit, so you have nothing to lose by calling A Hand in Time! We look forward to hearing from you.


Connie Lawson
Phone: 336-880-8613
Email: Click Here To Send Email
Website: http://www.ahandintime.biz
Located In: Trinity, NC, 27370, USA
Services Available: Greater Piedmont Triad, including High Point, Greensboro, Summerfield, Oak Ridge,Winston-Salem, Thomasville, Lexington, Kernersville, Archdale

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