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Master bedroom in a sea view property that has no color and does not invite someone into the room

Through Staging we effectively utilized the existing West Indies furniture to showcase the beauty of the room with the use of color, accessories and furnishings.

Guest bedroom - again in a sea view property. Room appears dark and does not give the welcoming feel of beachside living.

After Staging - With a change of color to make the room "come alive" and by dressing the bed in lively beach colors the room is now inviting yet relaxing. Can't you just feel the warm breeze blowing through the sheers?

Lorraine Scharf Pierce - ASP, IAHSP


Don’t underestimate the importance of home staging when you are trying to sell your house. Often, sellers are overwhelmed with the daunting task of putting their house on the market and overlook the importance of ensuring that the home shows well. But, with a little time, effort and investment up front, you will be better poised to sign on the “sold” dotted line while other homes sit stagnant on the market.
When selling your home it is important to use every tool that is available to you. Just as you hire a professional real estate agent to help you navigate the selling process, it is important to hire a home staging professional who can maximize your potential return by giving you a definite edge over other homes on the market.
Staging your home is the art of transforming your house in order to differentiate it from others on the market. You want your house to be the one that buyers remember long after they have left, and the one they return to with an offer to buy.
The art of home staging is really very simple – it can make your home shine and it is an easy and effective way to add value to any home.


A “home” has family photos and is filled with personal collections and treasures that the current family cherishes. Yet, when you are selling, you want your home to become a “house” that looks like a model home. In a model home no family lives there yet, and that’s what’s so appealing when a potential buyer tours these types of houses. The “feeling” is that they could be walking around a house meant just for them…that’s the feeling you need to create when selling your house. A buyer may feel intrusive when they see your family on the wall or mantle, or your beautiful collections and treasures, and may have a hard time envisioning their own family living there. At Lighthouse Home Staging we’ll help to find that right balance so that the beauty of your house shines through, and make your dream of selling a reality.


Choosing color for your home is a very personal choice; one that you labor over in order to give your home the feel that you desire and one that is appeasing to your taste. You have spent a great deal of time and effort making your house a home, and you and your family love the effect. However, now it’s time to move on to a new home and, with that in mind, it may be necessary to tone down or readdress your use of color.
At Lighthouse Home Staging we are passionate about assisting sellers to get top dollar for their home, and have found that by using paint, a sellers home can be transformed to appeal to a greater number of buyers.
It’s a proven fact that neutral, non-taste-specific, and clean houses sell. There really is a buyer for every house and it’s a home stager’s creative talents that make your house appeal to potential buyers. Keep in mind that home staging is not decorating – it’s about offering a move-in ready house that a buyer can feel comfortable moving their family into and giving them the “vision” to make it their own.
Neutral color choices - think of it as giving your buyer a blank canvas to work with - it may not inspire the buyer if they love color, but more importantly, it won’t offend them either.
At Lighthouse Home Staging we can complement your home and bring in pieces that can give a pop of color, yet not overwhelm the senses of a potential buyer. We work as a team to ensure that your home showcases all of its fabulous features, and ensures that buyers are not distracted because of a particular color choice.


Having traveled the world we have been fortunate to see many different tastes in design and decorating. At Lighthouse Home Staging we will honor your tastes and décor. Home Staging is not about what your tastes are or ours, it's about what a potential buyers sees when they come through the door.

We have also bought and sold many properties and have witnessed firsthand the importance of staging a home. We are able to see beyond areas that may need help, yet there are many people who cannot see how their family can move in to a home that does not show well. Let us shine the light on all the wonderful features your home has to offer. Every house is unique. At Lighthouse Home Staging we will make recommendations specific to your homes’ style and work with you to give your home the “showing” edge in a competitive market.
We offer a range of services to meet your needs and are passionate about assisting you to fulfill your dream of moving to your next home.
We can do as much or as little of the work that you want, and will always work within your budget to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Call us today for an initial detailed consultation so we can help you get that “sold” sign out front.


Lorraine Scharf Pierce
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Located In: Queenstown, MD, 21658, USA
Services Available: We provide services to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Annapolis and surrounding areas of the Western Shore.

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