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Staging: BEFORE - A Living Room that needs some pizazz.

AFTER - The Living Room is Now a Welcoming & Warm Place for a Buyer to Imagine Themselves in.

Virtual Staging: BEFORE - This Vacant Dining Room was a Blank Sheet of Paper

AFTER - With a Little Bit of Photoshop Magic, this Room is Transformed into a Gorgeous Dining Room without Using a Stick of Furniture!

Dave Frank - ASP

Staging Sells Homes

It is not easy helping the #1 RE/Max Listing Agent in Oak Hill Virginia to market and sell her home listings successfully.
That is why I decided to take the classes and training to gain the ASP (Accredited Staging Professional) accreditation. 

In a tough Real Estate market your home needs to stand out from others that are in the market for sale.  What will make you home stand out from all the others that are for sale?? Staging and effective marketing is the answer.

I will be continuing to add before and after pictures of some of the best homes in the Oak Hill area. So stay tuned and come back again and visit my page here to see these homes.

There are several Home Staging Services I offer my clients
FREE Traditional 'Basic' Staging is the 1st

  • This service is free for anyone who lists their home for sale with Deb Frank

  • The amount of things that are done to Stage a home can vary by how much or how little needs to be done

  • Basic staging usually takes about 2-3 hours and we mainly use items that you already own

  • If minor items (usually decorative) need to be purchased there would be some cost for those items

  • Packing items and storing items are the responsibility of the Seller/Home-owner

  • Advice on landscaping, improving curb-appeal & lots more

  • This great service can make a huge difference in the marketability of your home and is a great tool to help you sell your home faster.


    'Full-Service' Traditional Staging is the 2nd

  • This service is meant for Sellers/Home Owners who need more than the 'basic' staging service

  • These Home Owners may not have the time to invest to pack up items, landscape and do the recommended actions items and prefer to have a professional handle the whole thing for them

  • A vacant home that needs staging would fall into this category since a vacant home would require me to bring in furniture and decorative items from rental store(s) and then stage those items

  • Homes that need a lot of items to be packed away, assistance with finding and managing repairmen such as painters, carpet installers, etc. would also likely fall into this category

  • This full-service staging is quoted by the job and is the highest level of staging I offer.


    'Virtual' Staging is the 3rd Staging Service I offer
    All rooms look better and sell faster when furnished!

  • This service is free for anyone who lists their home for sale with Deb Frank

  • This service is usually for vacant homes where the owner does not want the expense to rent furniture and other items to 'Stage' the home

  • I call this my Virtual Staging service because I can utilize graphics software to add furniture and decorative items to vacant rooms to show prospective buyers how that room would look furnished

  • These images are used in the online web tours, brochures and in all marketing materials

  • For this service I usually 'Virtually Stage' the main 3-4 rooms of the home which include rooms such as the Living Room, Dining, Kitchen and Master Bedroom

    This FREE service can save you a lot of money if your home is vacant and you want to forgo the cost of renting furniture and decorative items.  It makes a huge difference in the marketability of your home and is another great, free tool to help you sell your home faster.


    Dave Frank
    Phone: 703-758-1089
    Email: Click Here To Send Email
    Website: http://www.debfrankhomes.com
    Located In: Oak Hill, VA, 20171, USA
    Services Available: Specialties: Staging and marketing homes in the Oak Hill, Oakton and Fairfax areas in Fairfax County Virginia.  When people in the area want the highest quality representation, marketing and staging for their homes they usually contact Deb Frank. Check out the website for a lot of examples of the marketing we do for our clients.

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