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Vancouver, WA, 98683, United States
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"I am a consultant-based Staging Professional"!

Puget Sound was my home for many years, but now a resident of Vancouver WA. Although my address has changed and the demographics are varied, my expertise in the areas of marketability, trends and overall layout/flow as it relates to "selling" a home has not changed. For builders in search of finish and color schemes, or for home owners going through remodels and are unsure of what they should do, I think you will find my no nonsense approach both refreshing and stress free. I have performed consultations for residential, retail, and commercial spaces through email with digital pictures, and even over the telephone in extreme cases. Of course seeing your project in person is always the best scenario, but for projects in other states or countries this form of service could be beneficial to you.

I look forward to consulting with YOU on your next project...

Phone: 206-406-0347
Sara K. Boelter

Simply Put... I want to be your Staging Professional for Life...
20 or so years ago, Washington State's Puget Sound region hit an all time high in the real estate market, quickly followed by an all time low, or so we thought in those days...

I began my real estate journey and love for creating beautiful and marketable properties through developing a department tailored to fit the needs of real estate agents. Providing services and ideas that enabled them to be more productive within their own individual practice, coupled with a "team philosophy" that encompassed their clientele and vendors. Everyone had their part and ALL were important within the process!

I sold and listed property myself, quickly realizing it really wasn't my calling. I found myself wanting to do more to "help"... the sellers, the agents, specific clients I had worked with who were leaders in the field. I made a decision to partner with a young, energetic Realtor who had the desire to be number one and "take over". With his real estate knowledge and my passion for turning homes into products that SOLD, we realized just that! Providing great service AND exceeding expectations. A number of successful years went by and I had my own business realization... "I wanted to do THIS for every Everyone"!

Simply Put... was born!

I trained and earned my designations through the creator of Home Staging herself, Barb Schwarz, beginning with my ASP (Accredited Staging Professional) 10 years ago. There were no manuals, no HGTV, and certainly no Sunday morning radio shows or newspaper articles about Home Staging. Looking back it was an exciting time to begin something meaningful that affected peoples lives. Very few were doing it and even fewer were successful...

I had been doing my own version of home-styling, and I was good at what I did, but had no real idea how much MORE could be done until I earned my Professional Accredidation for Home Staging (ASP). The quality of "product" I was now able to merchandise to the public, surpassed what I had been doing prior. In a good market sellers gained multiple offers and received more than asking price, and in a down market, they sold quicker with fewer price reductions than the competion that was not staged. This was a huge WIN - WIN - WIN situation. Everyone was happy! Buyers fell in love with a space in which they could visualize, Sellers were paid out and able to move on to their next phase, and the Realtor SOLD the listing and looked like a genius to the neighborhood the property resided...

Fast forwarding 10+ years, the knowledge and experience I had acquired was vast! With the ASPM (Accredited Staging Professional MASTER) designation now under my belt I empower my clients even further, with knowledge and understanding, enabling them to make informed business decisions about Staging their listed property with an Accredited Staging Professional MASTER.

"When we work together as a team for a common purpose, we bring about the best result for all involved. What a wonderful thing to be a part of"!

Thank you, Barb Schwarz, for introducing me to Professional Staging and the positive impact it has had on peoples lives. That is the greatest gift and lesson of all...
It's a true statement! We all live in a home, be it a mansion, cottage, condominium, or boat for that matter. Once we make our minds up to sell our beloved possession, something happens to us emotionally. We lose that sense of ATTACHMENT we had to the physical object. It now becomes just a house, a product that needs to be presented to the masses in the market place.

The reality of this detachment is sometimes the most difficult concept for us as Sellers to grasp when preparing our property for sale. The important thing to remember is THE WAY YOU LIVE IN A HOME IS NOT THE WAY YOU SELL IT! Your property must be marketed, detailed and presented to the UNKNOWN buyer, appealing to as many as possible. That is why it is imperative to have your property READY to show BEFORE it goes public. You only have one shot to do it right, or it will cost you more in the long run. It takes work, I know, it takes team-work, but if you TRULY want to sell, look forward to the adventure, and your property will be SOLD before you know it...

Who knows, you may even like the way your Staged home feels so much, you will want me to help Stage your next home to LIVE in.
As a professional, it is my duty to provide my clients with the highest degree of service. I give my commitment to share information and yes, even the ugly-truth about the conditional aspects of your property. We have the common purpose of seeing your property SELL for the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time given the current market conditions.

There is a common practice widely used in the real estate industry when showing property to buyers. A home that is not prepared for market, or may have underlying conditions gets "used" to sell the competing properties.

Knowing what is great about your home is just as important as knowing what isn't. Buyers focus on the negatives. It's a proven fact that BUYERS ONLY REMEMBER WHAT THEY SEE, NOT WHAT IT CAN BE. Take away the negatives, show them the positives, and leave them with an appealing space they will fall emotionally in love with...

My greatest responsibility as part of your marketing team is to provide you with the knowledge that will keep your listing out of that "used" category by Staging and preparing your home for the current market.

Staging will ALWAYS cost less than your first price reduction. I want you to keep your money, better yet make money on your property, which is why I will always tell you the truth about your property...

What is an ASPM

STAGING TO SELL - Master Bathroom Before: The color was a distractor for buyers, detracting from the features of the space.

STAGING TO SELL - Master Bathroom After: Neutralized paint color and clutter, buyers now could see and appreciate the space.

STAGING FOR LIVING - Great Room Before: Vacant and void of any personality.

STAGING FOR LIVING - Great Room After: Placed owners person items in a fashion that offered flow for living and conversation, showcasing their art and personality... YOUR HOME CAN BE STAGED TO LIVE TOO!

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