Katy Fineman Jones
Columbus, OH, 43215, USA
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Home Staging, Home Organization and Voice Mail Recording (in her strongest British accent).
Katy Fineman Jones
ASPM, IAHSP, Trainer - My English Touch, Ltd. Staging Columbus, Ohio
What is Home Staging?
When someone says Home Staging we know that we are talking about getting a house ready for sale regardless of price condition and location. That is true, but at My English Touch our goal as an Accredited Staging Professional Master® is to get your house SOLD. When you house looks the best it possibly can and offered on the market at the best price, your house will sell faster than your competition. And now as we work together as a team, we will be there for you to make this a reality.
Staging, Decoration or Design?
Decorating and Designed is based on the home owners preference and Staging is focused on appealing to a wider audience. If we were decorators we would ask you what you like, what colors etc you want to see. Staging is about appealing to everyone who walks into you house. Selling a house is an emotional feeling and Staging is about bringing those emotions to anyone who walks in the door, thus making them fall in love with the house and making an offer. On average 94% of homes Staged by an ASP® Stager are in contract within 29 days. Average days on the market for houses that are not staged is 145. That is a 116 day difference. Can you afford to wait that long to sell your house?
Benefits and features of Home Staging.
Well if you have not guessed by now, I take on each Home Staging assignment as it is my personal mission to make the house look the best in order to help the home owner get the best price. Once your house has been Staged it not only looks fabulous in person but the pictures used in advertising on the internet will stand out from the rest resulting in more showings and offers coming your way. It has been found that 87% of buyers look at houses online before even calling a Realtor®. This is amazing, and if your pictures look the best, guess who is getting the showings? That is right, you! So, more people viewing the house equals fewer days on the market which equals less price adjustment which means more money in your pocket and fewer mortgage payments made on this house. This alone sounds like a great reason to call us today to get you Staged today.
Let me tell you how we work.
We take care of Vacant and occupied houses. We can use what you have, supplement it or bring in everything new depending on your situation. Our first visit if for you to show me around your house. We will talk about what you believe Staging to be, what I believe Staging to be and I will explain to you my services. From there we will see how My English Touch can help you get your house ready for sale. We specialize in Hand-on Staging and love the looks on our clients face when you come home for the first time after the Staging is complete. We can wait to share this experience with you.

What is an ASPM

Open house ready? I don't think so!!! Packing is just one part of the staging process.

The way you live in your home and the way you stage it to sell are two different things. Yes this is the same basement!

Take your rooms from boring, non-functioning and cold to warm and welcoming.

If your house is occupied we can use your items to add function to a room. This bed really helps show the space.

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