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Teresa Rojek
ASP™(813) 833-0228 Rojek Home Services Home Staging Your Real Estate Support Specialist
Home Staging is the very best way to capitalize on your greatest investment whether it is a cool real estate market or a hot one.
Staged homes sell quicker during a cool market and for more money during a hot market. Homes that are Staged have a leg up on the competition and let’s face it, the other homes for sale in your neighborhood are in direct competition with your home.
Why do homes need to be Staged?
Many buyers look at a house and think that it just isn’t their style when in reality they are most likely responding to decorations in the house and not the house itself. A home that is Staged and de-personalized is one that appeals to the widest range of serious buyers; sell the space, not the decor. Let our professionals help you avoid these 5 common mistakes: Too much clutter; Unfocused rooms; That “lived in” appearance; Personalized décor and Leaving cosmetics and upgrades for the buyer to do.
How can you stand out and make your home the one buyers have to have?
Showcasing your home in the best possible light and making it most desirable is what Home Staging is all about. Hiring an Accredited Staging Professional™ (ASP™) is the best way to ensure your property is the one that realtors are talking about and bringing their buyers to see. A staged home means increased showing traffic, which means increased interest and that means offers, it’s just that simple.
ASP™s view your home through an objective eye and help you make it market ready.
Whether it’s removing a little clutter and rearranging your furniture or a complete detail inside and out, your Accredited Staging Professional™ will ensure your home hits the market with an eye popping entrance. Top 9 Benefits of Home Staging: Sell quicker than non-staged homes; Sell for more money than non-staged homes; Distinct marketing advantage; Attract a broader range of buyers; Buyers feel a staged home is well maintained; Building Inspectors view Staged Homes as well cared for; Staged homes often get better appraisal values and finally, staged homes present a better image on fliers and websites.

What is an ASPM

Buyers don't know the way it's going to be....

...give the room the expected purpose and it helps sell the space.

Small changes...

...can make a big impact.

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