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Bob Nichols  - ASP
A Licensed Realtor since 1999, Bob focuses on giving his clients the world class service that they deserve.

Venita "Needa" Brannon  -
Whether you're buying or selling, how you handle real estate transactions can be some of the most important decisions you make in your life. Venita "Needa" Brannon is dedicated to helping you make the most informed decisions in every aspect of your real estate transaction. Needa's background in decorating made her realize how important staging is in assisting her clients in the selling of their properties. Having the ASP designation, enables Needa to show her clients how beneficial staging can be in the selling of their properties. Needa's past experience working on the buying and selling end of retail h

Karen Gekle  - ASP, IAHSP
Serving the greater Lansing area; extensive knowledge and sales experience in new construction. Recently certified as corporate mobility specialist. Free seller Staging services.

Leticia Ford  - ASP, IAHSP

Valerie Bond  - ASP, IAHSP
Home staging is a proven and exciting way to bring the most value to your buying or selling experience. As a military spouse with many moves under my belt, I understand and empathize with the challenges involved. I am committed to assisting you in the process of presenting your home in the most appealing and creative way, with the absolute confidence that your staged home will "upstage" the competition! A professionally staged home is a collaborative experience, the absolute goal being a house sold and a home found. Let's make this journey the best experience possible. Call 703.864.0214

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