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Vicky Olson  - ASP, IAHSP
I have the expertise that comes from having sold real estate in Northern Virginia for over 25 years. My work with buyers enables me to help sellers with the selling process. In this market Staging your home will enable you to stand out and sell quicker and for more money. You want the buyers to see themselves in "their new home". Call me at 703-517-7948

Julie Thum  - ASP
Excellent service to my clients and customers is my main goal., I can be reached immediately at 917-757-3291. Oh by the way, I'm never too busy for your referrals.

Linda Jean Anderson  - ASP, IAHSP
Linda Anderson is the Broker and Owner of Diablo Realty, an independent firm of 35 seasoned agents. I have been an ASP for 4 years, and I have a passion to serve my clients with the maximum service I can provide. "Staging" is crucial to getting my sellers more money for their home.

Lily Pham  - ASP, IAHSP

Brenda L Masse  - ASP, IAHSP
As a dedicated ASP Realtor, allow me to share with you my knowledge and experience when it comes time to sell your house. From the moment a potential buyer pulls up to the front of your home, decisions are being made based on first impressions. We will work together, often using items and furnishings that you already own to showcase the attributes both inside and outside, giving the potential buyers an invitation to visualize your house as their home. Staging is NOT about decorating your HOME, it’s about SELLING your HOUSE! I can be reached at 215-518-2347 for your complimentary consultation!

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