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I think the ASP designation is huge-there is a great website that clients can look at, a great website that I can use, resources at my fingertips, examples to follow etc. The plan was laid out for me with all the how-to's in opening the business. I have emailed other ASPs with questions and have sent 3 people to take the course. Without the guidance of the ASP program I would not have known where to start.

Why go off half-cocked in some rogue fashion without the knowledge from people who have experience in any arena? I chose to become an Accredited Staging Professional and enjoy the benefits of a local chapter full of creative people. What a benefit to have this organization available! It's a long, lonely road to starting a business, attempting to educate everyone along the way as to what it is you do and why they need it. I see ASPs as having already paved the way for those of us who just want to get on with staging. I considered other alternatives as to how to go about educating myself and I am happy that I chose Barb Schwarz's program. I am especially thankful that God has given her the energy and desire to share this legacy with the world. Lucky us. Lucky, lucky us! Thank you Barb!

ASP beats all others hands down, the on going support, the blog, the University where we share ideas, and suggestions. The information Barb has gathered is so useful when you come across another of the 100s of uses for WD40, it makes you look good, and the entire layout as to how address issues you may not have encountered before, how to approach home owners and agents so they understand what Staging is has been a major help in presenting my business

The training and support system (University, website & othere ASPs) make the difference. Knowing you are not alone and have others you can call upon for their knowledge and support.

I have received several jobs from the Staged Home web sight. I encourage anyone wanting to go into staging to train to be an ASP.

Being an ASP means being a professional. It means that all ASP's are trained under the same standards. The course is precise, proficient, and provides individuals with enough backing to start and become successful in their own staging businesses. The Staged Homes support and backing along with affiliates provide the professional presence required to succeed. These are the most valuable asset to being an ASP.

I like the backing and support we receive. I have taken some of the "other" courses, and truly appreciate what StagedHomes does for its stagers.

I feel that being an ASP gives us an advantage over non-ASPs because we have the power of the corporation that is behind us. We may be a small company but we come across as polished and professional because of the relationship we have with whether it be through our marketing materials, our proven system for staging or the ability to offer our clients discounts because of's corporate relationship with many vendors. These are the things that set ASPs apart from the others.

ASP Stagers have the best network of affiliates, partners, and fellow Stagers that are the best people in the world to work with. We are a truly professional organization with focus and commitment to our craft. That's what sets us apart from our competition.

People sit up and take notice of this designation. It does mean something to the folks I talk to The organization feels on fire with passion and forward movement. I love the comraderie of ASP's engendered by the training.

I have benefited from the network. I stage for my own clients as well as other stagers. We learned in class that we are not in competition with each other. There is so much business and so few certified, trained and competent stagers that we can team up and help each other. I enjoy working with other stagers, the brainstorming, creativity and sharing that comes with the work process is invigorating.I've been told I should teach a course!

I appreciate the other ASPs and the fact that we all help each other out. I appreciate the fact that ASPs have as a resource; especially the web presence we get with being an ASP.

Clients have found me through the ASP system. I enjoy the energy that the network gives me and further education. Also, the confidence of being a member of a large organization.

ASP's are clearly the best in the industry! I feel as though I have an entire team backing me up even though I've never met any of you. The training you provide, materials that are shared, the conference calls and all of the resources are truly invaluable!

While I was doing my own thing, it was fine...but with an ASP designation, I feel more validated that I'm in a PROFESSION vs a hobby, a pursuit, a fun activity, etc. Everyone's a stager...I hear it a lot...but when asked are you an ASP, they look blankly. And that sinks that.

Being an ASP Stager is preferred by realtors in our area. Being an ASP Stager gives me an advantage because of all of the information and discounts available to me through

The edge is having a framework to follow and tried methods being used by ASP stagers. Barb is to staging what a personal trainer is to your fitness routine.

I feel that the ASP designation is probably the most well recognized designation for Home Stagers. They offer the highest level of training and support to their designees.

Being able to show a homeowner your certificate is huge. They understand that you took the time to go to class to learn more about how to get THEM more money for their home. It adds so much value to your already expertise as a Real Estate Professional. You can take courses about short sales, relocation, on and on but being an ASP will help every single property that you sell. It can be the single one outstanding thing that covers low-income properties to multi million dollar homes it doesn't matter — they all need to be staged.

I like the professionalism of the organization and I have had the opportunity to meet other ASP Stagers who I have learned from and utilized to assist me in my Staging career

The ASP program gave me good solid advice as to how to start my business as a home stager. The training and hands on experience is something each stager should experience! After having completed the program I walked away with an abundance of literature, a sense of belonging to the ASP family and most importantly an affirmation that I can do this. I'm proud to announce to everyone that I'm an ASP Stager!

The recognition of the ASP designation offers credibility over other stagers, and I refer people to the which also reinforces who I am and what I do.

Being an ASP Stager gives me confidence. Confidence that I would not have had if I tried to start this business without training. I believe ASP's set the standard for the industry. We are serious about what we do and we are not just "Design to Sell" wannabees!! I believe our networking and sharing of information helps us all to grow and stay on top of our game to continue to be the First and Best!!

To be an ASP Stager puts you at the Top of this industry. Hands down, homeowners will want to hire someone who has been taught by the person who created and started this business. When I tell my clients that I have been taught the techniques that have been proven to work for the past 36 yrs., I know it makes them want to hire me. I am so very proud to give my designation when people asked me if I went to school for staging. When staging becomes a "household" word in every home, homeowners will learn the difference from one stager to another. This designation is definitely the one that people will want to hire. I am honored to be an ASPM.

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