Positive, Great Reviews of Our 7th Annual ASP® IAHSP® Convention Symposium 2010 are Pouring In!

Held October 7th to October 11th

ASP-IAHSP Convention 2010 Photos


Dearest Great ASP's® and ASPM's® of our Wonderful 2010 Convention!

Thank you so very, very much for attending our wonderful 2010 ASP® IAHSP® Convention!

I have been so touched and impressed by each of you and all of you. Thank you for your pictures and letters and emails to me. I so greatly appreciate them, each one and each of you. I also want to thank you for sharing together as you all did... for this is who we are and what we stand for: sharing, caring, leading, education, and the coming together for the good of all.

You are each truly magnificent!

I want to again thank all of our great committees and committee members. They made such a difference for us all in the time, talent, and work that they did to help us put on our great convention! Each committee really invested quality time and talent making great things happen for all at convention! I think each of you who worked on a committee from the bottom of my heart...I placed your names in the program so everyone knows who you are and also it was a pleasure to have you come on stage for us all to be able to acknowledge you. Thank you to: The ASP® Ambassador Committee, The ASP® Mixer Committee, The Fund Raising Committee, The Registration Committee, The Entertainment Committee, The 25th Anniversary Committee, The Award and Gift Committees, and The Vendor Committee. And thank you to our vendors this year too!

I thank our great Trainers: Bette, Jeanne, Jennie, and Trish. I truly know the huge difference that each of them made for us all. I am so grateful that they took the role of leadership throughout the convention. Jeanne B, you were such a great MC, thank you so very much! Bette, you were so wonderful helping me share my appreciation to each speaker, thank you so very much! Trish, you were the greatest time keeper and I got emails saying so too, thank you so very much! Jennie, you were so fabulous moderating the ASPM® Panel and Directing Meet The Pros on the ship, thank you so very much! Each of you and all of you showed us all the great leaders that you are. I am so thankful for you...

I thank our wonderful staff at SHC of Shannon, Gina, and Captain Kirk who really worked hard before, during and after convention to help make our convention the best yet! Shannon, Gina, and Captain Kirk went beyond, beyond for us all, and it has been a full year of work together to bring the convention to reality and I am so thankful for you and so grateful to each of you!

I thank all of our Great Speakers and Meet the Pros Leaders. You gave from you heart and your experiences and provided such talent and education to all who heard you. Thank you each for being willing to share. Thank you for being willing to show how much you care. You too are also great leaders and I am and we are all blessed by each of you. Wonderful comments and remarks have come in saying how much all there appreciated all you taught and how on 'target' you all were. You spoke about 'what works' and how-to's in today's ASP® Business World. And that is what everyone came to hear! Thank you for speaking! Each of you, Kevin, Nora, Blair, Ede, Jan, Jeanne B, Jeannie W, Trish K, Trish P, Jennie, Rebecca, Michelle, Sandra, Katy, Mathias, Joan, Stacey, Jane Ann, and Bette! Thank you each and thank you all!

I thank our great IAHSP® International Board! I know that each of you also helped lead the way, and support each ASP® at convention. Your leadership I so deeply appreciate and am so thankful for. All year long you meet with me and share your dear time and talent and leadership and you are such a joy in my life and as you volunteer your time you share your heart and I know you did that also on the Convention Cruise dear Bette, Jane Ann, Jan, Jennie, Jeanne, Jeannie, Gina, Kirk, Marcyne, Linda, Trish K, Kay, Sandra and Shannon!

I am so touched and grateful to Jennie Norris for the DVD that she put together sharing parts of my 25 years as a professional speaker and the lovely, beautiful book she put together full of memories to last a lifetime. I also loved the 'Pocket Barb's'. How could I not love them....what fun and joy to see me all over the place, everywhere you all went! Thank you dearest Jennie for investing your talent and time in this way for me and us all to share in and enjoy. I also thank you each that wrote a letter or signed my book or shared a message with me on DVD too. I deeply thank you all for caring.

It is so exciting to see the great fund raising you all did at Convention. I thank Sandra Holmes, ASPM® for her great leadership in leading her great committee of Trish Kim, ASPM®, Jane Ann Lance, ASPM®, Joan Inglis, ASPM®, Blair Hamaty, ASP®, and Young Kim, ASP® and all the great work that they accomplished for our IAHSP® Foundation!

Thank you all as attendees for your dear contributions and participating as you did. You each really made a difference.

Kirk has given me these numbers to share with you all the amounts raised during convention for our IAHSP® Foundation:

Silent Auction $667 Thank you!
Live Auction $4725 Thank you!
50/50 $310 Thank you!
Dancing 4 $'s $929 Thank you!
ASPM® Draw $1250 Thank you!
Grand Total $7881 Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Thank you all so very, very much. This is really great for our IAHSP® Foundation and this will be wonderful to share with our IAHSP® Chapters next year during our WWSSW®. This is because of all of you....and again thank you dear Fund Raising Committee for coming up with the great ideas and ways of raising money for our IAHSP® Foundation. Thank you all who participated as you did so much!!!

The name was drawn this weekend of the ASP®/ASPM® who won the ASPM® Master Course Drawing.....and it is ASP® Katy Fineman Jones. Congratulations Katy! The Masters Course will be in Seattle next April. A Big Thank You to each of you who bought 'a Masters Raffle Ticket' as all the money went to the IAHSP® Foundation above.

I want to congratulate our award winners voted so by you, their peers at convention:

Rhonda Smith, ASP® Rising Star Award Winner,
Katy Fineman Jones, ASP® Spirit Award Winner,
Michelle Morris, ASPM® Barb Schwarz Staging Excellence Award Winner, and
IAHSP® Atlanta Chapter for the IAHSP® Chapter of the Year Award Winner.

Congratulations to you all.

And, I also want to congratulate all of you that attended our Convention.....for you see I believe you are all award winners too. I believe that when one is honored, all are honored....for as we honor one we honor all...

I truly know and believe that each of you is an award winner....for you made the investment in yourself for your ASP® Business and in by so doing you won.....so I honor you and see you each as an award winner too!

As of last Tue, I have up for you the Review of this Years Convention. Just click the Banner below and you will see the words and pictures that have been sent to me so far. More reviews and pictures will be added this week so keep watching and checking in to see the latest and newest as we post them......thank you to each of you who have written a review for me to add to our yearly ASP® Convention Review site! Thank you Bette, Jennie, and Shannon for the great pictures you have sent and I know more will be coming in too! You can all share the site with others as the banner below is also up on the SHC and IAHSP home pages as well as the Staging University® site.

Carnival Cruise IAHSP Convention

Thank you to each of you who attended our Great 2010 Convention. I am so grateful to each of you that attended convention and made such a huge difference, each of you, by being there and sharing together for the good of all.....

I thank you all....

Smooth seas, sharing, networking, fun times, highly educational sessions, shopping, fund raising, dancing, good food, meeting and making new friends as well as being with ASP® friends from other conventions makes it all so worth while. These are memories of a lifetime for sure! Together, as I always say, "More means More.!"

I send you joy and love and wishes for success.....ASP® Success and I know that you have many new ideas to put to use in your ASP® Business by attending our wonderful ASP® IAHSP® Convention Cruise!

I was there with you all the way...and I cannot wait to see you all next year...if not before, along the ASP® Pathway to Success....


Barb Schwarz

Barb Schwarz, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP
CEO StagedHomes.com
Founder/Chairwoman IAHSP® & IAHSP® Foundation
The Creator of Home Staging®

PS By the way, soon the Power Points and many of the outlines I will be posting on The Staging University® for you....
I will email you all as I get them up on the U!

Dear Barb,

The 2010 IAHSP® Convention was a resounding success! From the learning, networking, socializing, and fun - friendships were forged, and bonds made amongst our amazing ASP® Family. Your presence was felt everywhere - and the learning and sharing was top notch from the expert Stagers and Realtors that joined us for the first ever Home Staging Convention on a cruise ship!

With much love and appreciation for you and all you do for us as ASPs® and IAHSP® Members!

Jennie Norris

Jennie Norris, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP
ASP® Certified Course Trainer
President, IAHSP® International


I cannot begin to tell you how much I gained by going to Convention! We talk about building our business and the tools and it takes and I consider Convention one of the key factors to success. You can try to take home to your chapter what you learned, but you can't explain the relationships, down to earth tips and reality checks that you get from having a "conversation with" successful ASPs throughout the country !!!

Thank you Barb and all the wonderful people that helped make this a Convention to Remember !!!

Lee Ann Kramer

Lee Ann Kramer, ASP
Traditions Interiors
Turn-Key.....Staging & Decor
San Antonio, TX

Dear Barb,

I am elated and rejuvenated! The 2010 Symposium was just what I needed! From Meet the Pros to the ASPM Panel, the information was endless. What a joy to exchange advice and tips with my ASP/ ASPM family! Each speaker was thoughtful and informative and gave me something to think about. I will never miss a Symopsium again ! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith ABR, ASP, ASPM, IAHSP
First Impressions Home Staging
New Jersey's ONLY Master Stager
Winner 2010 ASP® Rising Star Award

Hi Barb:

I am so re-energized by the convention and all the people I met and things I learned! As a result, I am making a to do list to give my business a shot in the arm. i can't wait to get started!!!

  1. The pace and flow were excellent!
  2. The speakers were really great!
  3. The timer did an excellent job keeping things on time!
  4. Your gift is that you make people better people and bring out the best in them.
  5. The tone was sharing and caring.

The convention was as brilliant as the Cozumel Blue Sea! The events flowed smoothly, the speakers were entertaining and informative, and it was fun to have dinner with different stagers each evening. I feel excited to implement many of the things I learned. Your pep talks really pepped us up! You really are the best and your have done a wonderful job training us all as ASPs to be such kind, caring, sharing and giving people together!

Chris Brannick

Chris Brannick, ASPM, ASP
Staged to Sell: New Orleans


What a great symposium!! I will never miss another one! Your staff and your magnificent trainers do made us all feel loved and appreciated. The next thing I knew, I'm on a plane headed home. Thank you for having this. It is an honor to be one of your ASPMs.


Karen Mendenhall

Stage It!
Karen Mendenhall, ASPM
Stage It Charlotte

Dear Barb,

Thank you so much for the best convention ever! So much information... So much Networking.... So much Food.... Such Fabulous ASP and ASPM'S. I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Rebecca Henderson

Rebecca Henderson, ASP, ASPM
Alabaster Staging
Tacoma, WA


THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for having the foresight to create such an amazing industry and for allowing 2 Swans to be a part of it :) I truly believe life-long friendships have begun as a result of this 4-day "adventure." I can hardly wait for the next one.

Kathryn Swan

Kathryn Swan, ASP
Oklahoma City, OK

Good Morning Barb,

You are such an inspirtion to all. The convention was fabulous. I truely believe that everyone got so much out of it. Where ever our next ASP Convention is I can not wait to attend. Lots of Love to you,

Blair Hamaty

Blair Hamaty, ASP, IAHSP
President, Setting The Space
Stage your home to sell !!!

Dear Barb,

I know you worked hard and with the help of Shannon, Gina, Kirk, and all the trainers, I know that people got what they came for and that was education, education, education, mentoring, and friendship. I heard so many people say how wonderful it was and I'm sure you are receiving many emails saying the same

Bette Vos

Ceritified ASP Trainer

Hi Barb-

It was a great convention and I believe the ASP's felt they walked away from a very rich experience. Jeannie was a great MC, and Bette, Jennie and Kirk were amazing. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such a fabulous group of people. Gina was great and seeing Jane Ann was just wonderful. I want to tell you that Shannon is a real treasure. She is so organized and her ability to get things done is mind boggling. I loved being able to see everyone. The ASP's expressed such admiration for you and when I look at the organization you have built, the people you have inspired and those that you have helped to see the possibilities in their lives and overcome so many self-doubts I am awestruck. We all have our journey in this life and yours is clear in your ability to help people see the light in their lives and embrace the possibilities through love and let go of fear. The ASP's hear you and they are embracing your vision. It is a beautiful thing to behold and a wonderful thing to be a part of.


Trish Pachak

Trish Pachak, ASPM, ASP, IAHSP
ASP Certified Trainer

Hi Barb,

First I want to say how much the cruise meant to me. AIttending the convention and meeting such dynamic speakers really inspired me to get back to the "basics" to build my business. Thank you!

Laurie Kavanagh

Laurie Kavanagh, ASP, IAHSP
Accredited Staging Professional
Staging Options, LLC

Barb I want to thank you for everything you do for us and that you/we have some of the greatest people in IAHSP. It was a great Convention!

Thanks So Much!

Tom McGuire

Fresno, CA

Barb, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for putting together this convention with your heart and soul.

Thank you to Captain Kirk with the perennial up-attitude with unceasing smiles. Thank you, Shannon and Gina as well.

We hope to see you all soon at the next convention!

With the warmest gratitude,

Young Kim

Young Kim, ASP, IAHSP

Dear Barb-

Thank you for a wonderful Symposium! Once again, each year gets better and better, with more content, more information, more energy and more joy.

I've written up a mini trip report about all of the educational and social events, I'd love to share this with you and with the rest of our Family. For those who considered joining us but didn't join us at Symposium, I cannot stress how important it is for the Stager's Soul to be there. The Symposium featured some of the most current information that will help us keep our Staging businesses on top of their game. Without a doubt, the best investment I made this year for my business. Sitting in the conference room with all of the wonderful presenters, I could feel all of our combined focus, our minds expanding and our camaraderie growing! It's almost as if all of us committed to each other's success as well. Magic truly happened on this trip. A once in a lifetime experience for all of us!

Day 1- Welcome!
The presenters on the first day AM were amazing and really set the tone for the sessions. Jeannie was a fabulous MC throughout the Symposium. I loved the ASPM® Panel. I have already signed up for April's Master in Seattle. Sandra Holmes really set the pace for all of us regarding the shopping in Cozumel for the Silent Auction. She also got the group excited for Dancing For Dollars, which I think was a great and successful event! Fun fun fun and all for a wonderful cause.

Day 1- Meet The Pros
The Meet The Pros session was a lot of fun as always. This year there was a "double dipping" of color, as the MTP round table was about creating color palettes that work and my Day 3 topic was on the Color Forecast. At Meet The Pros, the attendees at my table each created a personal color palette using Sherwin Williams' 2011 Forecast Colors.) I really think this MTP went so smoothly.

Day 1- Barb Schwarz 25th Speaking Anniversary

The video celebrating your glorious 25 years of Speaking was so much fun as well. I love seeing these photos. As the young one still, it was a rare opportunity for me to see your fun photos and see how you created your successful path to today. So many pictures from the past, but that familiar smile reminds me that it's all you! It brought a HUGE smile to my face!

Our day off in Cozumel was adventurous and tropical. Jennie, Jeannie B, Trish P, Jeannie W, Bette, Michelle Y, Rebecca H, Christopher and I plus a few more went out to Paradise Beach, and we relaxed a bit in the sun and in the sea. The color of the water was so beautiful! I'd like to send the color to Pantone and see if there is a way to brand this color. Sooooo inspirational!

On the way back to the ship, Chris and I started looking for our Silent Auction items. I decided that since 2011 is about the year of juxtaposition: Bold Intervention, Gentle Medley, Restless Nomad and Purely Refined I would find items to support that.

Bold Intervention
We found a bright, clunky, chunky, beaded bracelet which represented Bold Intervention and the mix of Central and Latin American influences which will BE ABUNDANT next year. This palette indicates this future trend by pulling more culture from the central and southern America areas.

Gentle Medley
I found hand painted crafts in the colors of the Gentle Medley palette. The shapes were Butterflies and Dragonflies... representative of the soft and whispering subtlety of this palette. I believe this will be the most influential color palette for ASP/ASPMs. I got a great response from our attendees, and this palette happens to be my personal favorite for Staging. It is a gentle, soft palette... it commands attention but doesn't shout, it is whimsical but not aloof.

Restless Nomad
A Batik dyed sarong represented Restless Nomad, a transportation to the Middle East and Moroccan culture. The Sarong also matches the colors of the Restless Nomad palette.

Purely Refined
This palette is tailored, disciplined but not stuffy. Linen is the new upscale. Mini pleats on fabric styles offer a clean yet dimensional effect. We used linen pleated clothes to represent this palette. The items went out to auction and we received over a page full of interested auctioneers! Wonderful! It finally sold to Kathy and Kimberly Swan from Oklahoma City!

We ended the Symposium then everyone went out to the pool deck and food courts to network, wish each other the best and to provide each other with support, energy and love. I really feel close to this special group of ASPs®/ ASPM's® and know that now matter where I go- I will always have the support from this specific group of people. It is truly amazing that your Symposium can deliver so much education and connection amongst peers. The IAHSP Symposium and stagedhomes.com offer so much value and opportunities for success. Thank you for creating this career for us, and thank you for this Symposium!

Best Regards,

Kevin Htain

Kevin Htain, ASP, IAHSP
IDENTITY HOME staging+design


Come Aboard the ASP® IAHSP® Celebrity Cruise to Success 2010!

For as You Cruise You are an ASP® Celebrity at Stagedhomes.com and Through The International Association of Home Staging Professionals®!

It is with great excitement I announce that our 2010 ASP® IAHSP® Convention will be held aboard a wonderful Carnival Cruise Lines Ship as we Cruise the Mexican Caribbean Sea! We will chart our way with:

Exciting Educational Sessions,

Beneficial Networking,

Enlightening Pro Sessions

Inspiring Break-Out sessions, and

Breath Taking Keynote Addresses as we all sail the sea together!

As you come aboard you will see that we truly have a talented Celebrity ASP® and ASPM® crew. Each of you as an ASP® or ASPM® is a celebrity at Stagedhomes.com and IAHSP®. You will love each of your other celebrity mates as they speak, teach, share, network, and give all "their all" for the benefit of every ASP® who cruises the sea with us. As your Captain I promise you one of the best experiences of your life!

Each of our ASP® Conventions has been such a growing and educational experience for each person who attended. This is our 7th International ASP® IAHSP® Home Staging Convention. The sharing and networking together builds bonds that last a lifetime. All you have to do is ask anyone who has come to our ASP® Conventions and they will tell you it is one of the best things they have ever done for their career! And this year is also assured to be one of the best as well too. In fact this year promises to be a sell out so do not delay. Space is limited. So, set your course, register for our great ASP® IAHSP® Convention Symposium Cruise, then book your cabin and start to pack so you can set sail on a voyage with us all to new places of success the ASP® and IAHSP® Way!




In addition to our Wonderful Keynote Addresses and Breakout Sessions Your ASP® Cruise

will Be Filled with Days of Enchantment of:

One on One Conversations with ASPs® Who Love to Share with You

The Delight of a Convention Cruise with ASP’s® and ASPM’s® and IAHSP® Members

Sharing Time To ask and answer Questions as we Cruise the Sea Together

Talking with the Pros Whose ASP® Businesses Have Spanned the test of time and markets

Sitting by the Pool, Basking in the Sun, or Sitting Under an Umbrella All While You Brainstorm With a Wonderful Group of ASPs®

Meeting wonderful new ASP’s® to build business friendships with

Adventures together with ASPs® and these memories will last a lifetime

Gorgeous Scenery where ever you look

Shopping for new treasures to take back home

Celebrate at Barb Schwarz 25th year party as a professional speaker who has trained live over 1,000,000 people

Eating the most wonderful Food You have Ever Enjoyed

Cruising the Mexican Caribbean with the greatest group of people in the world, your fellow ASP’s® and IAHSP® members…..Only Active ASP® and ASPM® Stagedhomes.com members may attend


Port of Call: We leave from Galveston, TX on Thursday, October 7th, at 4 PM and this is day one of our wonderful convention adventure together. Day two we will be at Sea sailing with educational sessions throughout the day. You will learn so much and hear from such greatly talented men and women in the most wonderful setting you can imagine. The next day, day 3, we arrive in Cozumel and have the delight of shopping and site seeing in the many delightful attractions of Cozumel. Located in the heart of the Mexican Caribbean, Cozumel is a natural paradise often called the 'Garden of Eden'. Here you will find fine powdered sand and sapphire waters, framed by emerald-green vegetation, all bathed by a brilliant sun in the celestial sky. Wow, what a fun day that will be. I cannot wait to see what you may find on Day 3 in Cozumel. I can hardly wait. Day 4 we cruise the seas again where we have more full educational sessions throughout the day as well. This is a wonderful day to learn, network, share, set goals, and make great plans for our businesses as we network with our other ASP's throughout the day. On the morning of the 5th day we dock once again in Galveston, TX and it will be so hard to believe that it is already Monday morning, October 11th. What a wonderful journey we will have all shared together. It will also be hard to say goodbye I know. But it is the beginning indeed. The beginning of newly formed friendships, new ideas to build your ASP® business with, memories to have forever, and the best in education you could ever find anywhere. And that is priceless in the end.

Welcome aboard!

Your 2010 ASP, IAHSP Convention Captain,



     Barb Schwarz     
Barb Schwarz, ASPM
The Creator of Home Staging®
CEO & Founder, StagedHomes.com
Chairwoman & Founder, IAHSP® and The IAHSP® Foundation
Creator of The ASP® Courses and Designation



We Sail: Thursday, October 7th at 4:00 PM till Monday, October 11th 8 AM
Your Talented ASP® and ASPM® Mates and Crew Who Shared Their Time, Talent, Expertise, Care, and Knowledge With You:


Kevin Htain, ASP, IAHSP
Identity Home
Convention Presenter
Rebecca Henderson, ASPM, IAHSP
Alabaster Designs
Convention Presenter
Nora Flaherty, ASP, IAHSP
Staged to Sell
Convention Presenter
Ede Bookstein, ASPM, IAHSP
Artful Lodgings
Convention Presenter
Joan Inglis, ASPM, IAHSP
Lake Wylie Home Staging
Convention Presenter
Michelle Morris, ASPM, IAHSP
Home Staged Designs
Convention Presenter

Stacey Gibson, ASPM, IAHSP
Chico Home Staging
Convention Presenter
Jennie Norris, ASPM, IAHSP
Sensational Home Staging
Certified ASP Trainer
Convention Presenter
IAHSP President
Jane Ann Lance, ASPM, IAHSP
Enhanced by Lance
Convention Presenter
IAHSP Director
Jan Whitlow, ASPM, IAHSP
The Selling Edge
Convention Presenter
IAHSP Director
Bette Vos, ASPM, IAHSP
Certified ASP Trainer
Convention Presenter
IAHSP Director
Blair Hamaty, ASP, IAHSP
Setting The Space
Convention Presenter
Trish Pachak, ASPM, IAHSP
We Stage Colorado
Certified ASP Trainer
Convention Presenter
Jeannie Berger, ASPM, IAHSP
Certified ASP Trainer
Convention Presenter
IAHSP Director
Jeanne Westmoreland, ASPM, IAHSP
Classic Staging, LLC
Convention Presenter
IAHSP President Elect

Sandra Holmes, ASPM, IAHSP
Home Staging Concepts
Convention Presenter
IAHSP Secretary and Director
Trish Kim, ASPM, IAHSP
Staged Interior
Convention Presenter
IAHSP Director
Katy Fineman-Jones, ASP, IAHSP
My English Touch, LTD
Convention Presenter
Mathias Bergendahl, ASP, IAHSP
Florida Trust for Historic Preservation
Convention Presenter
Gina Vierra, ASPM, IAHSP
StagedHomes.com Vice President
Cruise Director

Shannon Ward, ASP, IAHSP
IAHSP Operations
StagedHomes.com Manager
Executive Assistant to Barb Schwarz








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