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ASP's in Training

Dear ASP/ASPM's:

I've heard about many of our ASP/ASPM's children who have been Staging with their Moms or Dads. If your children are involved with your business and Home Staging and/or Real Estate in any way please share the below with them. Your/our children are the future of our world. They are the future ASP's and I care about them as I do care about you...With Stager, our dear Yorkie's, disappearance and possible passing, I have felt his presence and have decided to leave him on the site as our ASP Mascot forever and also to share his page with our dear children. There they may send their stories, pictures, drawings, ideas for Staging and anything they want to share so that we may 'brag' about them and have them see themselves on the number one Home Staging/Real Estate Site in the World too!We will only post their first name so that they are also protected and we can also put your first name and designation such as:
Mary, JR. ASP in Training, daughter of Sally, ASPM, TX
That kind of posting....I hope you are as excited about this as I am....I adore children as you do and so let's make them feel that all of is behind them too....Thank you so much...send in their things right away to me...

Click here to visit the
"Ask Stager"

Please Share with Your Children:
ASPs in Training! JR. ASP's! Children of the Children! I'm so excited to see and hear about all of you who are having fun Staging! Come Join the fun! Stage your room, Stage your parent's room, Stage your playhouse! Find any space you think needs to be Staged and Stage it with your personal touch! But most important; have fun using your wonderful imagination and magic to transform the space you choose! I invite you to send your wonderful stories and photos of what you have Staged. How would you like to see your photos and stories on our website, right here next to my dear, sweet dog Stager? When you send me your Staging stories I will give you the official title of Junior ASP in Training. I have designed an official certificate to be personalized for you along with an adorable Junior ASP in Training pin for you to wear with pride. You can tell all your friends and invite them to Stage with you and join our ASPs in Training club when their Mom or Dad becomes an ASP or ASPM too!

Barb Schwarz, The Creator of Home Staging
Founder and President IAHSP Association

Dear Miss Barb,

I am so excited to receive your Certificate and Pin!!! I am proud to wear my pin & this is my brother giving you a thumbs up too!

I am still staging... and talking about staging too!

Thank you for the neat stuff. Mommy is going to frame my certificate.

I loved getting mail :-) too.

xoxoxo Piper!


Ms. Barb,

I help my dad stage houses. He says I see things that most people don’t. I am saving my money to become a vet. I hope you had a good time in Las Vegas. Did you see Stomp Out Loud? We saw it and they gave me a broken broom. My dad said I can use it in the next house we stage. He’s really funny.

Happy Thanksgiving.





Hi Mrs. Barb,

This is Lauren Norris. My mom told me that I need to tell you what I like about staging. Well I absolutely LOVE it! I love decorating, rearanging everything, and I like helping my mom with some of her jobs.

When I grow up I want to be a professional stager, and travel like my mommy. Hope you are having a great year so far:) I was wondering can you send me some pictures of Roxie Heart?

Thanks again!

~~~~Lauren Norris~~~~

Dear Barb Schwarz,

Hi, it is Chloe. I am enthusiastic about writing to you! I made up a special Staged Homes jingle,

You Stage it,

You sell it,

You get your money for it!!!!

I want to thank you and my mom for enhancing my life with Staging. It opens a new door to creativity and one of the ultimate passions in my life. I find it amazing all the different kinds of people and homes I see, to look at the before and after pictures, and to hear the famous saying "I wish I was not moving anymore!" I love to help my mom Stage®, my favorite rooms to Stage® are the kitchen and bathrooms precisely the master bath, but I will Stage® any room available. Most often mom will let me Stage® the room by myself and when I am finished she will come over and check it out to see if any thing needs to be fixed (only 1 out of a 100 will she say anything needs to changed). Our most common work area is Tierra Verde, FL a very exclusive island, a rich people's playhouse. For the most part, the thing I enjoy most about Staging is that I can spend a lot of time with Mom. For me my Mom is a hero. Being a single Mom with a full time job is hard, so Mom would only take a job in which I could help her, and we both enjoy, and here I think she made the perfect choice.

Staging I has helped me in all topics; such as getting straight A's this year and all other years since Mom started staging. I take in a lot of influence when my Mom speaks; the influential evidence is clear because I made it to the Pinellas County Regional Finals for the Tropicna/4-H speech contest. My Mom and I love to Stage® so our life is really a collage of color, experiences, and Staged Homes.

Staging has enriched my life, and everything in it.

Thank you, Barb Schwarz, Staged Homes, and most of all, thank you Mom

Hi Barb,

Together we got some fabulous photos to go with the article Chloe wrote for you,

The first photo is Chloe at Christmas with her animals, Cat "Pistol" and my Wheaton Terrier "Happy". Next is Chloe Staging a MBB with her photographing it, next Chloe TRYING to help destaging, and after pulling the Canopy from the ceiling turning it into a Victorian hat! Staging is always fun!! The hat photo was on the balcony of a condo in Tierra Verde, St. Petersburg, so beautiful..

Hi Barb,

I wanted to drop you an email with news from the Wine Country. Life and Staging here are great. My IAHSP Chapter has evolved into a great group. We are working wonderfully with one another. We have many new faces who are excited about Staging and the Chapter.

We have found a wonderful charity for Staging Services Day. We will be helping to get The Shining Star Kids Ranch up and running. The first children to arrive at this emergency shelter will be coming in right after our Staging Day. It is going to be a wonderful facility where children who are in the foster care system will be able to live on a working horse ranch. My fellow ASPM, Megan Berlin, was instrumental in getting us involved in this charity and our Ambassador, Kelly Townsend, has been working tirelessly to get everything on track. I know that it will be a great success!

I wanted to also forward a couple of photos of my daughter Fiona. She has turned out to be quite a little Stager. She was just four months old when I received my ASPM and I couldn't imagine how I was going to start a business and raise this little baby. With the help of my husband, Sam, and our fabulous Nannie, Paula, I have just Staged my 32nd house and she has just celebrated her second birthday! She is the light of our world. She loves to clean and she helps me when Nannie is busy. I think that Staging has made the difference in what kind of mother I am and the family that we have. I have been able to create a business for us that allows me the schedule I want and the money our family needs. I love this job! I cannot thank you enough for this fabulous opportunity!

I hope that you, Kirk and everyone at Staged Homes are doing well.

Much love and great affection,
Jackie Tawney Moore, ASPM


I would love to get Junior Staging Certificates for 2 of my favorite young stagers.

The 1st is my granddaughter "Kimberlyn Alexander." She is 14 years old and has been helping me a lot this summer staging homes and really has the vision and eye for staging, decorating and design. I am so proud of the work she helps me do and would love to honor her with her own certificate which would really be a huge boost to her self-esteem.

The 2nd little gal is the daughter of a Windermere couple that I stage every home they list. Her name is "Amanda Griggs."

She is 12 and has loved decorating and design for years. Her parents say she has been watching all the decorating and staging shows since she was 9. She spends her spare time designing and drawing rooms. I have had her help me a couple of times and she is really excited about continuing to assist whenever possible.

Please send the certificates to me so I can present them to them myself along with a photograph and a thank you gift.


Gail Alexander
Setting the Stage


My two daughters Eileen, 16, and Allison, 8, helped me Stage a house in July that sold in Five days! I could not have done it without their girl power and helpful suggestions. It was a team effort and we had fun working together and sharing our creativity. Enclosed are pictures of Eileen helping me hang a picture and Allison after Staging a desk.

Sincerely yours,

Mary E. Forsythe, ASP
Forsythe Home Staging
Brentwood, TN 37027

ASP in Training from Chicago Masters Class

Hi Barb,

Very important stuff... here are two pictures of Nora with her new bird from you...

You'll hear from the girls directly, I'm sure (they delight in writing letters, so I'm sure they were writing to you while I was at work today), but Harold sent me these pictures so that I could pass them along to you...


Hi Barb,

I had a great time at Brooks on Thursday.....what a great way to network. Also, thanks for your input regarding how to handle an overpriced staged home. As promised, I am sending you pictures of my brand new granddaughter, Zoe and her big sister Trinity.

Karen Noonan, ASP

Dear Barb,
My name is Madison Walden and I am 11 years old. I am writing this letter to say thanks for all the help you have given my Step-Mom Sandra Walden with the starting of her business called Madison Avenue Interiors. We are located somewhere between Stageville, USA and Stagetown, Canada. Just kidding, we are in Fresno, Ca.
I like helping my step-mom loading, staging and de-staging the properties that are for sale. I would like to do this when I am older. I would be good at it because I have no problem talking to people I don't know very well and I am also very creative (which I inherited from my step mom). I love doing things that are challenging and what I like best about this job is that when we are all done I get to see the homeowner's reaction to the rearrangement of all their things. It is so funny because they always say "Oh my gosh" over and over again, and they just love it! I love that. Take care of yourself; I heard you had been sick. My real Mom died of cancer when I was 9 so it is very important to get a lot of rest and eat right.

Madison Walden
Madison Avenue Interiors

Dear Barb,
My name is Derek Montgomery. I am 13 going to be 14 on November 14,2006. I also have a cute little Yorkie and his name is Otis. He will only get to be 5 lbs. My mom's name is Sandra Walden and she is a professional Stager that trained in your ASPM course. She lives in Clovis, Ca which is part of Fresno. I am proud of my mom for sticking to her job when I know there were a few times she would come home discouraged. She works very hard and does her job very well. I take notes because I want to be staging when I grow up. I would also like to take over my moms business someday. . Mom helps me with my school work because she can always figure things out. She is a smart lady. You taught her well barb and now she's pro. I hopefully will take one of your classes someday and look forward to meeting you and sharing stories. You are the only lady I know that looks different every time my mom clicks on the website. What color is your hair now? Oh well you look good for your age.
See ya,

Derek Montgomery-Walden

Thanks for the little pin.

Jeff, my grandson, has on my company's HSE shirt ready for work. We're just leaving to stage a large house.

He comes in pretty handy, almost 6 ft tall and strong. 15 yrs old.

Nelda Liles

Dear Ms Barb,

Our entire family has believed in Staging since our own house was Staged to sell 1 1/2 years ago. We did everything recommended to us by the ASP and even though it sold in only 5 days, we kept the house in Staged condition until the day we moved. My mother, Michelle Beste, became and ASP soon afterward. Now my brother Cameron and I have been assisting her on Staging projects as often as we can. Since I am 17 and he is 13, she hires us mostly for our muscle. We load & unload furniture from storage, to vehicle, to truck, and back again for de-Staging. We work as quickly as we can, saving her a lot of time so she can focus on the Staging process. We sometimes do yard work and have become excellent packers too! We also promote her business to the various people we meet and keep her business cards in our wallets, ready to hand out. We also point out houses she should visit that are for sale and obvliously NOT Staged.

Life is different now with mom's office at home. Her storage unit is in our garage and our phone lines are geared for business. The house decor used to always stay the same, now we are constantly adding & removing items, or changing the room they're in. Cameron and I are developing our own ideas about Staging techniques and offer our opinions sometimes. Dad helps out too with a lot of the computer and technical stuff. Sometimes he uses his truck to drive a 2nd load for a large job. He can pack a vehicle or storage unit like nobody else! Being an ASP allows my mom to be with us more often and for us to do more as a family. We like working together and are good at what we do. Plus, the pay is so much better than the typical teen jobs! We call ourselves the Beste Boys, because our family makes the Beste team!

Nathaniel Beste

Hi Barb,

I finally received the your book today, thank you so much. It looks great and I started reading it already, love it.
I started staging the Dark Horse Home in Auburn where the Street of Dreams is going to take place starting June 17th. My daughter Ashlee helped me out by folding napkins, removing price tags, and fetching things as I needed them. She was a great help and it was fun having her around the whole day.
She is very excited about becoming a stager when she grows up and hopes that you will send her a pin and a certificate.
I've attached photos for you of her on the job. I will also forward the after pictures of the home when I'm finished. I still have a few things to bring up there this week. So I should be able to get the photos to you soon.
I can't wait to hear how the TODAY show went!
Hope all is well,

Happy staging!
Cari Zarou

Hi Barb.

At the symposium you asked us to write and tell you about our junior ASP's in training. I have a few. And I know they would love a certificate to show their friends. First, my fiancé has been working with me for a couple years now, and he is planning to get his ASP in Chicago this summer. We are blending daughter, Alanna is 12. His kids are Chadel 14, Cierra 13 and Brandon 9. They have all helped me with my staging business in many ways. I pay Chandel ($10 each) to type consultation reports for me every night (after her homework is done.) She has also helped me stage vacant homes. Cierra has helped me stage vacant homes as well and has helped me select just the right throw pillows and accessories for our own house. Alanna helps me fold brochures, take messages, pack for staging jobs, and is a great critic of my work. She lets me know what I need to change! Brandon is learning to help us and participates in helping us carry our props and shop for new ones. Today, the kids helped me at our own house stage the new furnishings we bought - helped me carry the large sofas (2), which we now need for our growing family...they helped me sort through props to bring in just the right accessories and helped me place the furniture in the best way possible. Our house feels more like a home - and it is uncluttered, comfy and classy. All with the help of my kids. I think we will have an entire family of ASP's when they finish school. Just wanted to share our story and photo with you. I also had them wash my work truck today, which of course ended in a water fight...that explains the wet hair!!! Thanks again for creating a career path and way of life for all of us ASP's both present and future! We love you!

Diana Palm

Cameron (7) and Chloe (4) are my incredible partners in staging. They are great at cutting off price tags, moving furniture and clearing away clutter! De-Staging is a breeze with my awesome ASP's in training! (They also have an important job of baby-sitting 1 year old Carissa, who attended the ASPM Course in my belly!) When asked what they like about staging, Cameron says, "I love to make the house feel more warm." Chloe likes, "EVERYTHING!". The coolest part? They work for the love of Staging . . . and the occasional Jamba Juice. Through staging we all are learning to have a good work ethic, the importance of putting your best foot forward, and the satisfaction that comes from helping others. Thank you! Together we are raising the next generation of ASP's and changing the face of real estate FOREVER!

Jules, ASPM
Modesto, CA

Hi All,
I just had to share this with all of you --- my 9 year daughter has been going round saying the Let me Tell you how I work 60 second speech --- It is so cute -- and she gets it right ! She is also put together a PowerPoint of the 7'c of Staging --- She did not do spell check. I just had to share ! Hope everyone is doing well !! Have a great Thanksgiving !

Happy Staging (and Training)
Brenda Hoover

Welcome to our Chicago Baby Mascot, Miss Roxie Heart!

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