Richard Kline
Austin, TX, 78748, USA
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Remember, Home Staging is NOT decorating and it is absolutely NOT intended to hide any defects of the house. It is the goal of The Staging Guy to ensure that your property looks as good as it can (based on your budget) and appeals to the greatest number of buyers. Many people believe that Home Staging is only for the luxury home market, or even just for vacant properties. Home Staging is appropriate for ALL markets. Statistics prove that 94% of Staged Homes sell in 29 days or less as compared to 145 days for a home that has not been Staged. Once you move into your new home, The Staging Guy will be of service there as well; arranging your furnishings into your new space; color consultation; fabric selection, etc. The Staging Guy stages homes and condominiums, businesses and offices and investment property consultation.

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