Sara K. Boelter
Vancouver, WA, 98683, United States
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"I am a full service Staging Professional"!

Puget Sound is my home and I will go to where I am needed. I have performed consultations for residential, retail, and commercial spaces through email with digital pictures, and even over the telephone in extreme cases. Of course seeing your project in person is always the best scenario, but for projects in other states or countries this form of service could be beneficial to you.

I look forward to working with YOU on your next project...

Phone: 206-406-0347

Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Cards Accepted


LIVED IN: I work with the Seller and Realtor as part of a team to determine what is needed to bring the best possible product to market. In most cases, items will need to be packed away by the Seller. In some cases recommendations for renting specific items may be needed if there are voids. A proposal will be prepared for the Seller if Simply Put... is to perform the Staging. A detailed consultation report is also an option if the Seller is to perform the work. This will entail a room-by-room road map with time included for Simply Put... to come back and fine-tune once they have completed the list.

As the Seller, if you decide to do the work yourself and get overwhelmed with the work load, don't worry, you can always call me back out to bid the remainder and help out.

VACANT PROPERTIES: Buyers need to envision a purpose for each room. THEY ONLY REMEMBER WHAT THEY SEE, NOT WHAT IT CAN BE. A proposal will be prepared with rental recommendations or a shopping service/purchase option is also available. Showcasing each space and their unique features is the primary objective.

Maximizing the investment made to the Seller is the benefit in all cases.

BUILDERS, NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS, & REMODELERS: I work as part of your team to help identify and narrow choices when it comes to layout, functionality, color and finish choices. I have worked successfully with many home owners, architects, builders, and owners of business' in commercial and retail re-design as the go-between throughout the years. Helping to bring all parties in alignment with what is possible from the building and architectural stand point as well as full filling the aesthetic vision of the Client. I have a trained eye for what is in trend and what is classic with the ability to meld personality differences into one cohesive style that is agreeable to those influenced, inspiring something beautiful that may not have been thought possible on their own. There are just too many choices to make, and the average person or business owner becomes overwhelmed, needing a lifeline, an outside influence that will guide them through the complex process, all the while helping them keep the excitement alive even when things don't go exactly as planned. I am that life line and visionary to bring forth the unseen outcome for my Clients.

Creating spaces with positive energy and flow for you to live and/or work comfortably and effectively in is a team effort. This part of Simply Put... was born through my clients that had their properties Staged to Sell. They enjoyed how their spaces felt so much, they wanted to bring that fresh and open feeling into their new homes, vacation homes, and ultimately into their offices and personal work space. We work together to find, place and define YOUR individual space to YOUR individual needs and wants. We use and re-purpose existing items and/or suggestions will be offered for alternatives if needed in the grand scope of the project. Color plays an important role, and offers one of the greatest impacts on a space with minimal investment. As a certified color consultant, I will help you with colors that produce the "feeling" and overall affect you want for each of these spaces...You are going to love it!

This is a newer concept for the Professional Staging industry, and one that I am personally very passionate about. I have had the recent privilege to assist handicapped and aging clientele transition into smaller spaces and/or assisted living facilities. Working with both the children and parents as a team, we are able to determine together what is important to bring into the new space... what needs to be given away, sold, disposed of, etc. Knowing how the new space is laid out aides in the choice of items being moved there. We want the client to still feel a sense of HOME and what that word embodies, while maintaining a sense of safety which overall is our primary objective. Eliminating unsafe obstacles and tripping hazards as well as increasing an overall flow of the space are points I am keenly aware of.

My mission for this phase of life, for these clients, is to give ultimate respect to their belongings as well as the memories associated with them.

If YOU or someone you know may be in need of making this type of transition, please call me, I would love to help.

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