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Complete Home Staging for both occupied and vacant homes

  • Full Staging - This option includes Staging all rooms in the Property, as well as, any outside patios and balconies. Window treatments are used where necessary if none exist.
  • Light Staging - This option includes Staging all rooms in the Property. Window treatments are generally not used with this option. Outside patios and balconies are typically not Staged, however, they can be added.
Home Staging Consultations / Paint & Color Consultations

A Home Staging consultation provided by Coast Home Staging is a detailed written plan for a client to follow to properly prepare and Stage a home for sale. It provides a detailed to-do/action item list, room by room, of all items that need to be complete for the home to become certified as a Staged Home. It is generally performed on all occupied homes but can also be used on vacant properties as well. A consultation generally covers both the interior and exterior of the property.
There are two types of consultations; A Paint/Color Consultation which includes the first two steps listed below, and a regular Home Staging Consultation which includes all six steps listed below.
  • Property Preview - A quick walk through the property to gage the size, scope, style, colors and condition of the property. The consultation price is then quoted to the client and agreed to before proceeding.
  • Paint/Color Consultation - We will advise on color correction an/or options for walls, ceilings, cabinets, flooring, trim or other items that may need changes, repairs, or corrections. It also includes consulting on metal (colors, coordination and style) for such items as fixtures, appliances, knobs, handles, and other metal items.

Want help remodeling? You don't have to be selling (or selling immediately) to benefit from this type of consultation. Many of our clients are home owners that want to enjoy a remodel now but know they will sell in a few years. We help them to make the correct choices to Stage and List their home eventually, but enjoy now. Let me show you how to save time and money with wise selections.
  • Action Item List - A detailed list, room by room, interior and exterior, of all action items recommended by the Staging Professional to properly clean, repair, prepare, and Stage the Property. It may also include items such as furniture and/or accessories that need to be relocated, replaced, added, or removed. The list is created by the Staging Professional while walking through the home taking notes and generally takes a few hours to complete. The action item list is reviewed with the client to explain each item to be performed.
  • Follow-up - Coast Home Staging will follow up with the you via phone on the status of your action item list as well as answer any additional questions you may have.
  • Final Photos - Once the action item list is completed, Coast Home Staging will return to take photos and certify that the Home Staging is complete.
  • Web Site Posting - The final photos and property summary will be posted on StagedHomes.com web site and Coast Home Staging's web site to help market the home until the sale is complete
Full line of Furniture and Accessory Rentals
We carry a full line of Furniture and Accessories in our inventory. The style of the home, neighborhood, and prospective client always dictate the quality and style of the furniture and accessories we provide in Staging our homes.
Landscaping / Exterior Curb Appeal
We will outline all needed corrections to your landscaping in order to have the best possible curb appeal. In some cases, the corrections can be included in the Home Staging Bid Price. Ask me how!

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